How to implement Wholeness in your Life

Here at the LPC we offer books, blogs, individual coaching and shortly, we’ll be opening an online school that will offer you video based classes where you can learn how Wholeness can be used as a framework for building your life.

We’re an information center—because as we said earlier—you may not have been taught—but you can teach your SELF.

You might start with the book, “Life Puzzle…putting the pieces together”. It is an easy to read book that covers all the areas of your Life Puzzle—the five edges and 16 core areas. It’s a nice over-view of wholeness along with some exercises and specific actions to take in your life.

Individual coaching/counseling: If you want some help to get started, consider doing individual coaching. This is especially helpful if you’re dealing with some issues that may be getting in the way of your moving towards your Wholeness. We suggest you plan to do 4 sessions as that will give you a solid introduction on how to use the Wholeness framework (Life Puzzle) in your life. After those 4 sessions, you can assess if you want to continue this way or you’re ready to do more work on your own. Our goal with coaching/counseling is to empower you to build your own Wholeness,

Blogs—Using the Life Puzzle—we add blog writings from time to time focused on one of the 16 core areas or 5 edges of SELF. They’re usually short and meant to either provide some action you can take or to get you to think about that piece and how it fits into your life.

Coming soon: Online school. Through the LPC you’ll be able to sign up and participate in an online learning center. There you can take classes in a progressive flow towards building your Life Puzzle. These classes are short and to the point. They’re about empowering you to discover your capacity and confidence in owning and building your Wholeness—your Life Puzzle.