Coaching and Counseling. Guiding you to Wholeness.

Building your Wholeness (Life Puzzle) can be made a lot easier if you’re working with someone as a guide as you begin to do this. Here at the LPC, I offer individual coaching sessions that can help you get started. I do this using a ‘psycho-educational’ framework—which is just a fancy word for saying I do a lot of information sharing that empowers you to feel confident in your capacities to own your life!

I recommend that you commit to 4 sessions as this enables me the time to meet you and learn what you need. And at the end of 4 sessions, you’ll have worked through a process that will leave you confident that you know how to continue working on your life in a proactive, positive way. At the end of those 4 sessions, you may opt to step away and do some more work on your own. Or you may choose to do a few more sessions as we customize the process for any particular issues you want to work on. The bottom line is that you are in charge of using the coaching/counseling process for your needs and when you want to stop, you can.

This too is different from what many people experience when they go into coaching/counseling—they feel like they’re going to have to keep doing it forever. But I believe that this isn’t necessary because you can learn a lot fairly quickly and then the key is to put it into practice in your life. Life is an on-going, growing journey.