Life Puzzle Blog  “Piece by piece to create peace”

Here we cover all 16 core areas, five edges that create the SELF with short writings that add more information about wholeness.


The first time I heard the phrase “bragplaining” was from a freshman college student at a prestigious college.  We were working together to deal with the high levels of anxiety and stress she was experiencing.  It had gotten so bad that she was considering dropping...

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Human Dignity: one coin–two sides

Watching the 2016 Presidential primaries there’s no doubt this is a primary season like no other in recent memory. As Trump takes over the GOP and shocks the traditionalists, Sanders is as much a shock to the Democratic side of the equation as the young flock to him...

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Guru You!

The other day I was watching TV and a commercial came on highlighting a series of "experts" that were offering a daylong event.  They were shown talking to a large auditorium of people sitting rapturously as they waited for the wisdom to be imparted that they felt...

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Happify or Wholify?

As a counselor, I think one of the greatest things I can do for my clients is to bust the myth of Happily-ever-after. We grow up hearing this story over and over again and it looks so good at the end of a fairy tale. But we should teach our kids there’s a reason its...

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